The Importance Of Black Wellness Spaces

The Importance Of Black Wellness Spaces

The Importance Of Black Wellness Spaces

Hey #CorageCrew, did you know that African Americans are 10% more likely to experience serious psychological distress than other races, according to the Health and Human Services' Office of Minority Health. Between dealing with the confines of quarantine, the stresses of a global pandemic, and the ongoing impact of systemic racism, this past year Black wellbeing was further exacerbated and Black women were most affected.

Often Black women and girls have to navigate the “Strong Black Woman Syndrome”; the idea of putting an “S” on your chest and declaring yourself a super heroine in order to manage the daily racial occurrences. However, there is a negative impact that can lead to burn out and a lack of self-care.

Historically, the media has portrayed Black females as one-dimensional, putting the needs of others before their own and showing how they can accomplish it all while pushing through the pain, but today Black females are reclaiming this damaging narrative and reimagining what it means to put your wellbeing first. That's why protecting the mental health of Black women and girls is vital and having safe, affordable, and inclusive Black wellness spaces is so important.

The reason why I say Black wellness spaces is because from mental health and body representation to safety, Black women experience wellness in ways that are unique and nuanced. Spaces that are for us, by us where you have the ability to relax and enjoy the pursuit of wellness and healing without having to explain, without being questioned, and without being mocked or regarded as a curiosity.

Corage Dolls continues to encourage girls of color to be unstoppable and their wellbeing must be prioritized. That’s why we’re partnering with Render Free, a Black female centered wellness space.

For every purchase of a Cultivate Courage item such as this notebook we’ll donate 50% of the proceeds to Render Free. Our donations help Art Girl Action, an arts organization dedicated to holding space for young, Black women artists to practice using art for intentional healing to continue their membership with Render Free. Shop the collection today and help support the success of Black wellness spaces.


Keep on protecting your wellbeing #CorageCrew!

Best Regards,

Flora Ekpe-Idang, Founder | CEO