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Our Cultivate Courage collection is a way to take action because 50% of proceeds go towards orgs that uplift the Black community.

Welcome To Corage Dolls!

Corage Dolls is a multicultural doll company that helps to elevate, educate, and encourage girls of color to be unstoppable.

Mission: Elevating, educating, and encouraging girls of color to shatter societal barriers and be unafraid to embrace their full potential.

Vision: To encourage all girls of color to be unstoppable.

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"My beauitiful nice got her @coragedolls in the mail today. Thank you for your amazing mission and allowing her to see her own beautiful reflection." - Bobbi.L


"Beautifully written and illustrated. Looking forward to what's to come of Aaliyah and friends." - Lavisa J.


Cultivate Courage

We understand we’re at a time of great upheaval, but we’re also at a time for action that can finally address the need for equitable representation for Black families and future generations. That's why we created the Cultivate Courage Collection which includes shirts, mugs, notebooks, and more.

50% of proceeds go towards supporting organizations that uplift the Black Community. Representation matters and we want to encourage others to believe in it and live that out each and every day. Take the step to Cultivate Courage!

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Why Representation Matters