Juneteenth: 6 Ways to Celebrate Black Joy and Freedom

Juneteenth: 6 Ways to Celebrate Black Joy and Freedom

Juneteenth: 6 Ways to Celebrate Black Joy and Freedom

Photo Credit: Andy Cross, The Denver Post

In a year like none other with ongoing social issues of today, reserving space for happiness, wellness, and connection is why I am looking forward to celebrating Black Joy and freedom this upcoming Juneteenth and why I encourage other Black families to do the same.

Also known as Freedom Day, Juneteenth is an annual holiday commemorating June 19, 1865, the end of slavery in the U.S. which has been celebrated by African-Americans since the late 1800s. Though the Emancipation Declaration came out two years earlier, it was on this day 6/19 in 1865 when federal orders read in Galveston, Texas that all previously enslaved people in Texas were free. This was an important day in history which deserves to be recognized in our classrooms and honored across the country with cookouts, parades, supporting of local Black businesses, and more.

Coming from a Black immigrant household, I didn’t learn about Juneteenth until a few years ago when I discovered its context via social media. Important historical milestones such as these need to be amplified and shared with the masses in order to instill cultural pride in our young Black children and inspire the next generation in the importance of social justice, equity, and inclusion. Representation matters and it’s important for us to tell our own stories. By doing so helps build courageous, kind, and strong kids that feel they have the space to unlock their limitless potential.  

To amplify our stories, here are 6 meaningful ways you and your family can celebrate Black joy, freedom and teach your children about Juneteenth.

Shop Black Businesses

Whether it’s supporting Corage Dolls and shopping our $19 OFF Aaliyah Bundle for this week only, or shopping other amazing Black brands across beauty, fashion, baby, home, wellness, and more by supporting a Black business you support their ability to thrive and build success. 

Eat at Black-owned Restaurants

Celebrate the richness of Black cuisine by participating in the various Black Restaurant Week initiatives throughout the year likely occurring in your local market. Discover a new Black restaurant, enjoy a great meal, and utilize this great Bingo card to turn it into a fun activity.    

Read Books About Juneteenth

Though Juneteenth isn’t recognized as much in the school system, doesn’t mean that you can’t access engaging books to help your children learn about it’s importance and historical impact. Here’s a list of great children’s books to learn more about the holiday. 

Make Juneteenth Decorations

You can honor and learn more about this holiday through decor! Do research into where enslaved Blacks came from and honor those places by making a banner of African flags at home with construction paper. Or make your very own Juneteenth flag. Here’s a DIY inspiration page.

Jam To Music

While it’s Juneteenth, it’s also Black Music Month and a great opportunity to celebrate, recognize, and pay tribute to Black people who’ve made strong contributions to the music industry. At Corage Dolls we’ve got you covered with this awesome curated playlist that we’re sure you’ll be jamming to all summer long! 

Attend or Watch a Juneteenth Event

Whether attending an event in person or online, there will be many ways to participate in a Juneteenth event this year. From festivals, cookouts, interactive museum exhibits, parades, and marches, enjoy outside safely or hop online and make a day of the amazing event.

I hope you enjoyed this list! So how will you celebrate Juneteenth? Drop us a comment on @Instagram!


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