Resources For Back To School Socializing

Resources For Back To School Socializing

Resources For Back To School Socializing

Hey #CorageCrew, I’d like to wish a pleasant back to school for kiddos starting up this week. While the Delta variant continues to increase in COVID-19 cases, it’s understandable that parents are once again unsure about how to send their kids to school and still keep them safe. Between mask requirements, social distancing tactics, varying vaccine precautions, and the developmental need for children to socialize this can all seem overwhelming.

Since many of you have had to navigate this predicament over the last 15+ months, some may be well prepared with various safety school plans while others may be taking each day as it comes. Regardless, you as the parent or the guardian are doing the best you can to make the most sound decisions with the information you have.

You want your child to thrive in a safe learning and inclusive environment that’ll help them spark their creativity, build new skills, and have fun and a key pillar of that is ensuring that your child is able to socialize with others. Especially, if they’ve had little interaction with other kids over these past months, this developmental activity is critical in helping them grow as well as heal from potential mental health effects.

If this looks familiar to your situation, check out the tips below on ways to help your kids socialize safely this back to school season. Of course, please know that every child’s personality is different and you know them best so please take the approach that works for you and them.

  • Always Check In: It’s important to make an effort to be available to your kids by holding space for them to openly share how they’re feeling, their concerns, and their grievances so if there are deeper concerns ask how you can help.

  • Follow Guidelines: Depending on your child’s age (children 12+ are now eligible to get the vaccine) remind them of the importance of practicing safety precautions with wearing masks, limiting large social gatherings, washing their hands regularly, and maintaining safe distances.

  • Be Mindful Of Activities: Because cases are increasing, parents and guardians need to be mindful of the types of social activities their kids are involved in such as seeking outside programs like playing sports that provide limited exposure vs. indoor ones such as playdates.

  • Offer Helpful Resources: For some children, returning back to school can bring on great anxiety and fear with being surrounded once again by so many others so resources to help them relax, validate their feelings, and process their thoughts can be really helpful such as Kaiser Permanente’s Find Your Words and the meditation app Calm.

  • Get Creative: As mentioned earlier, each child is different so providing creative outlets for them to socialize with others in other fun and safe ways such as virtual playdates with Aaliyah, small sleepovers, or movie nights in the backyard are just a few of the many suggestions.

However you choose to activate your child’s back to school plan, continue to be a support system and listening ear as they navigate yet another complicated school year. Aim to encourage ongoing dialogue that helps them learn, grow, and heal.

Check out more tips HERE.

Best Regards,

Flora Ekpe-Idang, Founder | CEO