The Positive Impact of Doll Play

The Positive Impact of Doll Play

The Positive Impact of Doll Play

Hey #CorageCrew, did you know doll play can help kids express their feelings as well as learn how to empathize with others and build positive relationships?

Today, we live in a digital age where society is becoming more social media dependent and spending a lot of time online interferes with a child’s ability to have a normal life, especially in young girls. According to this study, girls and teens who deal with negative emotions by posting on social media are more prone to depression.

With negative and limited multidimensional portrayals of girls of color, this affects how they build self-love in embracing who they are. From skin tone and voice to size and hair, heavy social media use has long term impact and kids need to be active and stimulated in ways they can relate to that doesn’t always involve screens.

Kids can relate to dolls.

A few years ago a study was done to see how children’s development skills were impacted based on different forms of play. Whether playing alone with dolls vs. with another person and playing with a tablet alone vs. with another. The study uncovered that doll play helps children practice social skills and empathy even when playing alone.

Dolls can help children learn to empathize with others.

Empathy is a vital skill that helps children succeed in life.

Whether you’re a parent seeking dolls that instill cultural pride or want help in teaching your child how to embrace diversity, Corage Dolls can teach children about others in situations different from their own life experiences.

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