Teaching Your Child the Importance of Voting

November 03, 2020 Flora Ekpe-Idang



“Helping children understand the election process and inviting them to discuss their views helps them feel involved and included, builds their critical thinking skills, and develops their sense of civic responsibility,” - Andrea Barbalich.


In the midst of a hectic year, today is a pivotal day to ensure your voice is heard, your vote is counted and your little one has the opportunity to learn about civic engagement. Children may be hearing election conversations in the school hallways and on classroom zoom chats or seeing signs in their neighborhood, so they may realize it’s election season, but may not know what it all means. Talking to children about the election can help make the process more understandable and encourage them to become engaged and informed voters as they get older. They’ll be able to learn about the impact their vote has on themselves and ultimately their communities.


However, we understand that it may be hard as a parent to determine how best to go about explaining the voting process to your child, so here’s a great article from the Huffington Post with tips to help support you on that journey. At Corage Dolls, we believe that representation matters and we believe that when children are exposed to this fundamental value as it relates to the voting process, they’ll feel empowered to have their voices heard too!


Check out the article here: “How To Explain The Election And Voting To Kids”