Why Representation Will Matter in 2017

April 20, 2017 Flora Ekpe-Idang

As I sit at my computer on Christmas Day while others are either sleeping or very giddy as their opening their many exciting presents, I can't help but think back on the crazy year that we've had; especially if you represent a marginalized group. This year has ranged from the most memorable moments such as Beyonce oozing with #BlackGirlMagic at the Super Bowl, Leo DiCaprio FINALLY winning an Oscar, Colin Kaepernick's kneel to injustice, the Cubs breaking a curse, everything Hamilton, Solange stepping out, Issa Rae and Donald Glover diversifying your screens with their writing chops, "Black Mamba" Kobe Bryant retiring, and Black girls rocking at the Rio Olympics.

2016 also brought us some binge worthy TV hitters such as Luke Cage, Queen Sugar, The Get Down, and Stranger Things. However, 2016 gave us some of our most disheartening moments such as the death of Prince, Muhammad Ali, and Gwen Ifill, continuous police brutality, despair in Syria, Brexit, the battle at Standing Rock, terrorist attacks around the world, and the U.S. Election. In the midst of these stories and many more that have happened this year, I feel I can safely say that many of us are ready for 2017 to arrive ASAP.


The great thing about this year ending is that it brought to life new energy and new determination to take action for our communities, careers, and our own characters. Most importantly, 2017 will serve as a focal point in the importance of representation and diversity of all kinds. As children growing up today are beginning to digest and witness the cruelty by some because another is "different", this shows kids that if they're "different" then they're not acceptable, thus they are more likely to suffer from low self-esteem.

Graphic Jennifer Aedy


However, we are in a time where we can shatter those barriers and inspire the next generation of leaders by persevering through injustice, continuously highlighting positive and diverse images and content, bringing sustainability to inclusivity, and never giving up in times of adversity. That's why Corage Dolls will officially be launching with a Spring '17 Kickstarter campaign.


As a multiculural doll company that helps to elevate, educate, and encourage girls of color to shatter societal barriers, 2017 will serve as an important reminder that representation matters and is needed now more than ever. Engaging career and emotional stories that build character, empowerment through dolls that truly reflect modern day girls of color, and a community on sistership all bring to life what Corage Dolls stands for. In the end, as you prepare to lay out your New Year's Resolutions, I hope that 2017 brings you joy, determination, and action and that you take part in ensuring that representation matters.


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