8 Ways to Unplug and Recharge Without Guilt

May 23, 2020 Flora Ekpe-Idang

We as humans go through motions in which we’re either always on working or we feel we’re at a standstill, but during these times this shouldn’t be an either-or, but instead it should be an and we shouldn’t feel guilty when we need to take breaks and recharge.



Whether your busy parents and caregivers navigating multiple roles at home, living by yourself with a lingering feeling of anxiety or loneliness, or on the front lines risking your life to help support others, making time for yourself to unplug and unwind is truly important. So, we put together a list of ways to lean into your wellness and hopefully uncover sparks of joy that leave you feeling relaxed and centered.














Take A Media Break - If you shut your screen off for a few hours, you’ll still feel more refreshed and productive.



Make A Healthy MealTake a moment to cook a delicious and nutritious meal. BTW, have you checked out the hilarious vegan food influencer Tabitha Brown’s recipe for carrot bacon? See it here.












Check Out a PodcastSick and tired of watching and hearing dreading news about rona? Well take a break and flip the switch to a joyful podcast to hear great uplifting, spiritual, and hilarious content. Here’s a list of 45!



Meditate -  Practicing meditation is a great way to carve out time just for you to check in on how you’re feeling, help calm your mind, and take a few minutes to distress. Definitely check out this app called Liberate which is a great meditation app for Black, Indigenous, and other communities of color.



Connect with A TherapistVital mental health support is needed now more than ever especially for communities of color and lower-income communities who have been hit the hardest by this crisis. There’s a great app called Ayana which is an online therapy app for marginalized and intersectional communities.



Take A Nice WalkWhether you enjoy walking, jogging, or running, take advantage of the outdoors by walking around your block or a nearby area to enjoy the view, gather some sunshine, and get a moment of peace. Check out how the organization GirlTrek encourages Black women to take walks and join a great health movement in the process. Remember to wear your mask!



Ring A Friend – Though we’re physically distancing from one another, social connections don’t disappear. So Facetime, message, WhatsApp, or give a shout out to a friend or family to share how things are going. 



Just Say No – Sometimes we find ourselves always saying yes to tasks and further building upon our workload of more stress, but sometimes we just need to say no to someone or take something off our plate and move it to a less stressful day. You shouldn’t feel guilty about that.



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Flora Ekpe-Idang

Founder/CEO | Corage Dolls